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  • Pipul TV NLO commends NRA over officiating

    Reporter: Alonge Akinlolu
    Published: Thursday, 15 June 2017
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    Pipul TV NLO commends NRA over officiating

    After the end of first round of matches in the Pipul TV Nationwide League Division One , Shola Ogunnowo, the Chief Operating Officer of the League has comended the leadership of the  Nigeria Referees Association (NRA) over the performance  of the Referees assigned to officiate league games at the cradle of football in Nigeria.

    Speaking to the sporting press in Abuja on Wednesday, Ogunnowo said that the league has recorded some dynamic results on the field of play, some clubs painfully lost at home and the following weekend won at away and despite some results not favourable sometimes to these clubs, there have not been any form of violence at the league venues due to poor officiating from the referees, rather the  atmosphere have been  very peaceful.

    “  We are very happy with the outocme of the games in the first round of the Nationwide League. The officiating has been very good, although not perfect, but we commend the Nigeria Referees Association (NRA) for the manner of officiating in the league” Ogunnowo said.

     Adding  that “  Certainly we expected the teams  that lost be it at home or away to grumble bitterly , but we have never heard of such and there have not been any form of violence or crisis despite human errors some of the referees might had committed in games”

     Ogunnowo also commended the Match Appointment Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation  over the calibre of Match Commissioners in the Pipul TV NLO games and they have been very firm adminstering the proceeding  of games at the league venues.

    “  The Match Commissioners too have been up to their responsibilities at the league games , curtailing the excesses of some of the club officials to ensure that the games went on smoothly without any form of distruptions”

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