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  • Factions At Heartland FC Embraces Peace

    Reporter: Alonge Akinlolu
    Published: Tuesday, 17 January 2017
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    Chairman of Heartland FC of Owerri (pictured here in a red face-cap),Good faith Chibuzo Etuemena today at the Ikemba Ojukwu Centre in Owerri, brought an end to the factionalization crises in Heartland by joining the two teams together and declaring a 'One Heartland FC Family' in line with the directive of the Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rocha's Okorocha.
    Factions At Heartland FC Embrace Peace

    The meeting was attended by most of the key actors from the management and technical crew of both factions including Oscar Keke the chief operating officer of the faction headed by Deputy Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, Hon. Ugonna Ozuruigbo.

    "I want to inform you all that the crises is over and that we no longer have factions. As from today onwards, we're going to be having only one Heartland FC family as the governor has directed," Etuemena stated.

    "Tomorrow morning, let all the technical crew members and the players under them, report to the Old Township Stadium, Owerri and join Coach Ramson group," he directed.

    The chairman said both the government and people of Imo State were unhappy that after the team went down to relegation from the premier league the management staff engaged in crises instead of thinking of how the restore it to the elite league.

    He tasked all to work in unity and also to work assiduously for the promotion of Heartland back to the premier league.

    Etuemena said although he would have loved to keep all staff he is inheriting on their duty posts, he nonetheless, must abide by the provisions of  the administrative structure set by Nigeria Football Association and the Nigeria National League while selecting those that would work on the new management team.

    About 28 staffers including management and technical crew members attended the meeting.

    Etuemena said now that Heartland would be playing in the lower league, the club may not have the fund to sustain a very large staff strength some of whose position and duties, duplicate each other.


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