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  • Congressmen delighted as Dein delivers

    Reporter: Alonge Akinlolu
    Published: Tuesday, 8 December 2015
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    Key members of the NFF Congress were enraptured on Monday as a former Chairman of The Football Association and a former Chairman of English Premiership top club, Arsenal FC, Mr. David Dein delivered a paper on ‘Building a Brand.’

    Congressmen delighted as Dein delivers
    The respected football administrator and world citizen made the presentation as part of a 4-day leadership summit for Chairmen of Football Associations of States in Nigeria, packaged by the Nigeria Football Federation in conjunction with New African Soccer, and sponsored by ZENITH Bank, FROT Group and ARIK Air.

    The delivery at the Hilton Watford, London lasted only an hour, but some of the Congressmen reacted thus after the presentation:

    Chidi Ofo Okenwa (Chairman, Enugu State FA): “This has been a gospel. You know, Christians go to Jerusalem and Moslems go to Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage. We have come for our own pilgrimage in the cradle of football and have been so blessed. It has been quite an exciting experience, listening to Messrs Dyke and Dein, and the others. We have broadened our knowledge of pre and post - match organization, execution and de-commissioning, as well as revenue generation and the principles you cannot compromise if you must succeed as a football administrator. This is wonderful.”

    Frank Ilaboya (Chairman, Edo State FA): “The papers have been profound, touching on the whole gamut of football administration. Delivery was excellent and the message illuminating. I tell you, this is one of the best things to have happened to Chairmen of State FAs. I give kudos to the NFF leadership. If we continue this way, development of football in our country would be fast –tracked.” 

    Poubeni Ogun (Chairman, Bayelsa State FA): “The program has been highly interesting. We have learnt so much in the area of close relationship between the National Association and the regional bodies. The NFF and the State FAs must work more closely together, and if we can do this, other countries will be coming to Nigeria to learn very soon. I am impressed with the direction the present NFF is leading Nigeria football.”

    Sunday Longbap (Chairman, Plateau State FA): “This program is a great learning curve. We used to think that everything should come from the centre; now, we know there are several ways that ourselves can generate funds. Proper accountability and prudency are key factors to generating money through the community. We have certainly broadened our knowledge of administration at this summit.”

    Oswald Atuake (Chairman, Cross River State FA): “Messrs Dyke and Dein truly impressed us. We have come across new ideas on football administration and grassroots development. We have to go back to Nigeria and apply all we have learnt so that we can power the development of our football from the grassroots.”


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