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  • Guys Who Believed Even When The World Says No, #SpecialTeam

    Reporter: Alonge Akinlolu
    Published: Monday, 9 November 2015
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    How do you explain jumping into a dump site where no one sees a rough gold? Mockery from all angle took center stage while you kept crawling just to maintain a balance. 
    Guys Who Believed Even When The World Says No, #SpecialTeam

    How does it feels when you harbour a strong thought yet to take a step is so tough. The excuses not to start is so beautiful you'd feel you've got a very good reason not to start. Even in the midst of mockery a lot of "em guys out there are just waiting for the first step. Since the first step one can't really explain how but sincerely it feels good a step was taken. 

    These names just won't leave because they played an important role to motivate.

    Jumping into the sea without a knowledge of how to swim could be suicidal but EseOghene Edafe feels there's a safety measure to help out. Did Sola Rogers knew that his actions influenced someone sitting in his living room thinking of how to start? Well, it did and his strong BELIVE that everything is possible is enough reason not to give up. 

    Some mentors who won't want their names mentioned (you know yourselves sirssssss)  have helped a great deal. 

    Some call them crazy but all they were doing was basically what they loved. Adepoju Tobi Samuel talked and felt no one was listening yet he never knew he is making a massive crowd out there love every bit of local football. He thought it was fun while at the Lagos State polytechnic but that thing he enjoyed doing has touched even more lives, how? Please ask Wale Quadry to tell you more 😀😀😀😀👍

    Not until you meet with him, he'll impart positively any day any time. Andrew Randa (I call him the special one) .

    He does it quietly yet effective in his actions, until you meet with him you'll realise his truly the 'Big Sam' Sam Rio Nnaji. He's ready to visit any location to see local football. He can see through an idea and makes it a reality backed up by actions.

    Local football again brought two special guys who never loved local football but saw something positive about it, their passion is currently motivating the #SpecialTeam. Chisom Ohuaka and Boladale Greenix 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


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