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  • Fasimoye calls for real investment in Sports

    Reporter: Alonge Akinlolu
    Published: Wednesday, 25 November 2015
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    The Vice President of the Nigerian Rugby Football Federation, Olatunji Fasimoye says the only way sports can take its rightful place on the world map is through adequate investment.
    Reacting after their 8th place finish at the recently held Olympic Qualifiers in South Africa, the Ondo state born administrator said countries like Namibia and Zimbabwe who defeated them were not technically or tactically superior.

    He attributed their losses to their physical conditioning despite traveling to Johannesburg a week before the tournament for acclimatization.

    He revealed that their losses never painted a true picture of what happened because in most cases, they were always in the lead before fatigue set in.

    The former Nigerian rugby international said with the human resources that abound in Nigeria and the current set of players in the national team, Nigeria will be a force to reckon with in world rugby in the next 5 years if given the right support.


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