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  • Sports Lawyer Writes Book On Players Rights

    Reporter: Alonge Akinlolu
    Published: Thursday, 17 September 2015
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    A UK trained sports lawyer, Barrister Johnny Precious Ogbah has written a book on Players Rights titled "Know Your Rights and Obligations: A must have handbook for Nigerian league Players", and he is sharing it free to Nigerian league players at various match venues across the nation.

    Speaking on the book, Barrister Ogbah revealed that his motivation was from being involved in cases involving Nigerian players for about a decade now, and seeing first hand the travails of Nigerian players most of which is caused by ignorance.
    "Most Nigerian players are ignorant of their rights and obligations. Most times they get into tight corners which they shouldn't get into just because they are ignorant of basic, important things they should know. The aim of this book is to enlighten the players to their rights and obligations so that they can maximise every opportunity to advance in their chosen careers. "

    "I have presented copies to the NFF and LMC for distribution to the players. On my own also, I have also been to many match venues to share the books to teams. Knowledge is power and if players read my book, they will be more enlightened to take right decisions in their careers," concluded Barrister Ogbah who is the Head, Sports Law (Africa) of Activity Chambers


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